We would like to thank everyone who gave a gift in honor of a loved one. It is such a joy to celebrate someone’s achievements, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special moment with a gift that honors them and helps someone on the journey to recovery.

Gifts Given In Honor Of

In Honor of Robert Lemieux
Mrs. Rebecca Carman
Mr. Robert Lemieux II

In Honor of James Offut
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Dunham

In Honor of Colton Reaves
Mrs. Barbara R. Sellers

In a time of loss and sadness, we would like to thank everyone who has given in memory of someone they love. It is a blessing to know their legacy lives on in the lives of those who are blessed by your unique contributions. Thank you.

Gifts Given In Memory Of

In Memory of Christopher Berkery
Mr. & Mrs. Anil George

In Memory of Paul & Ethel Bollinger
Miss Irene H Bollinger

In Memory of Nick Boon
Mr. & Mrs. William I. Marderness

In Memory of Mrs. Kay Cooper
Mrs. Kathy Kintzel

In Memory of James W. Dixon, Jr.
Mrs. Brenda DeCroo

In Memory of Julie L. Gaines
Mr. William Reichert
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Matthews
Mrs. Sherry McGonigal
Mr. William Keenan
Mr. Dennis Faust
Mr. Thomas McMenamin
Mrs. Patricia Todd
Mrs. Laurie Pinkham
Mrs. Joanne K. Conte
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald P. Gaines
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph R. Perez
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis

In Memory of Kathryn Krall
Mr. & Mrs. Lyle M. Krall

In Memory of Sarah Mischler
Mrs. Debra Trexel
Builders of Christ
William Wierman Ins – Notary Public
Mr. & Mrs. David Koba
Mrs. Linda Greig
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Marinari

In Memory of Steve Pierleonii
Mr. Tony Pierleoni

In Memory of Charles “Chuck” Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. Caroll W. Reynolds, Jr.

In Memory of Arthur Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Carbone
Mr. & Mrs. David Carbone

In Memory of Gregory S. Wasser
Mr. & Mrs. William Landis
Mrs. Sara C. Kerecz
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley S. Stephens
Mr. & Mrs. David W. Hohe
Mr. Patric Vanderwater
Ms. Bobett Martin
Mr. Parker George
Mrs. Helen Trafford
Mrs. Marjorie A. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Edward E Roth
Mr. EJ Stephen Krall
Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Schleicher
Mrs. Mary Ann Leauber
Mrs. Kathryn Miller

In Memory of Sean Wertmam
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Wertman

(September – November 2015)