What is the Student And Family Enrichment Program?

The Student and Family Enrichment department is designed to develop partnerships that promote successful recovery for our students and healthy lives for their families. You are not the cause of your loved one’s addiction, you cannot control it and you cannot cure it but you can be empowered by support, education and communication.

Our goals are to:

  1. Help the family understand the nature and culture of the Teen Challenge program
  2. Maintain open lines of communication between the family and Teen Challenge
  3. Keep the family informed of their loved one’s progress
  4. Encourage family involvement in the recovery process
  5. Promote healing for the entire family

How does the SAFE Program achieve its goals?

  1. Participating families receive a handbook of all necessary information relating to the program
  2. Contact information is provided to the families so that they can reach the department at any time with questions concerning their loved one or the program
  3. Monthly reports are sent to update the family on the progress of their loved one
  4. Monthly Family Day events connect families to the staff, provide tools and education and encourage interactions with other families (see info below)
  5. Instruction, resources, encouragement and support are available upon request at any time
  6. Follow-up phone calls and ongoing communication keep families connected before, during, and after treatment

How do I enroll?

Students entering our program after April 1st, 2015 are automatically enrolled along with their families. The SAFE department will reach out to you before or shortly after your student’s arrival in our program.

If your loved one entered our program prior to the implementation of the SAFE program on April 1st, 2015, or you believe that for some reason you were overlooked and not enrolled, please contact the SAFE department at one of the contacts listed below.

What is Family Day? (click here to learn more about Family Day)

Once a month, we invite our families to join us for a time of training and fellowship. Family Day coincides with graduation and usually occurs on the last Saturday of the month. We provide breakfast and an informational training. After the training, you may be eligible for a visit with your loved one (please contact the center for more information, 910-947-2944).

SAFE Department Contacts
Amber Didden, Director: 717-933-2100
Carol Foschini: 717-933-2813